Entrepreneur Coaching

Are you driven by the need to make your dreams a reality but need to be playing a bigger game in your business to increase your profits?


Partnering With Marshall Brown Will Help You Take A
Quantum Leap In Your Business
Allowing You To Climb Higher And Faster Than
You Could On Your Own!

Who Can Benefit From Entrepreneur Coaching

  • Small business owners
  • Free agents
  • Consultants
  • Private practice professionals
  • Start-up companies
  • Home office businesses
  • Individuals considering leaving their companies to launch a business

Marshall BrownI'm Marshall Brown and I understand entrepreneurs. As a coach I am also an entrepreneur. I have been building my business over the last 8 years and know that no one person can be an expert in all the areas of their business.

As your Professional Entrepreneur Coach I will provide you with independent and practical support, to help you find solutions that work for you and allow you to thrive and flourish faster than you could on you own.

What We Will Cover

  • Develop marketing plans
  • Learn time-management techniques
  • Examine your leadership
  • Develop your personal brand
  • Creating a mission statement
  • Growing your business through networking and marketing
  • Establish a business plan that feels connected to your vision
  • And much more!

Guidance And Assistance From An Experienced Coach Is Key To
A Professional's Success.

How We Will Work Together

Coaching starts with a complimentary session during which time I will better understand you, your business, your goals and objectives. Together we will then design a customized program to support the realization of your vision.

One-on-One coaching allows you to more readily advance your business goals, and provides you with the necessary tools for this to happen.

Entrepreneurial Coaching Is The Road To Success!

Take the next step and contact Marshall today. We provide a free initial consultation for prospective clients, to determine if our coaching services are a good fit for you based on your unique situation, and to answer any questions you have about working with Marshall Brown & Associates.  The consultation is 30-minutes long and all it costs you is a phone call.



Not once in my years as a coach has a personal coaching client asked for their money back, therefore I am so confident that my services will make a difference to your career and life that I am offering a full 100% guarantee.

If after we have worked together for the agreed upon period of time, and you have done the work expected in the coaching program, and you have diligently implemented all action steps and plans that we agreed were right for you, if you have not seen significant improvements then I will refund all your fees, no questions, no hassle.


You will see exactly how effective and affordable entrepreneurial coaching can be.

"Tried and True
How to Leverage on Powerful Online
and Offline Strategies to Boost Your Sales!"

Tried and True Ebook

Some of the topics I cover are:

Popular Sales Myths
The Art of Branding
Important Marketing Benefactors
... and so much more!

You will also receive:

"It's All About You!" ezine.
A copy of copy of "First Steps to Setting Career Goals".
A copy of "Marketing Brand You."

All of this for only $9.97!

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"Marshall Brown was my coach, supporter and cheerleader through my recent search. He made me work. He made me examine what I truly wanted for the next success. He challenged the way I presented myself in cover letters and in interviews. Working with Marshall was absolutely the right move. . If you want to be authentic, confident and a leading candidate in your next search, Marshall will get you there."

~Donna Dunn

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Helping Others To Partner In Their Success

My goal and passion is to offer the value I provide to as many people and organizations as I can. As is with Entrepreneurs, my business is referral-based, which means I rely on people like you to tell others about me and my services. If I have been of service to you, or you have enjoyed my articles, ezine, products, and you feel someone you know would benefit from these as well, please let me know.

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