Getting Unstuck and Moving Ahead in a Mastermind Group (Part 1)

Getting Unstuck and Moving Ahead in a Mastermind Group (Part 1)

What is a Mastermind Group – Essentially, mastermind groups were first introduced to boost both personal and business skills. With this in mind, a typical group will be educational at the same time as offering brainstorming, support, and even peer accountability. When you join a group, there will be a focus on success for both yourself in addition to all of the other members.

Between participants, various activities will take place including the setting of powerful goals and plans to accomplish them. With commitment and confidentiality in tow, members will give and receive completely honest and compassionate advice. Not only are members a source of support when needed, they will also play devil’s advocate so you will be in the best possible position for success moving forward.

What the Group Isn’t – Many misconceptions can be found with this topic so it is important to note that the group isn’t a class. Although guest speakers can sometimes be brought in, the focus revolves around brainstorming rather than having one person speak and the rest listening. Finally, the group isn’t primarily for networking opportunity (although if it happens, even better!). At times, leads may be shared but the idea is to bring individuals together regardless of their line of work.

Benefits – When reading this, the main question will probably be ‘well, why should I join a mastermind group? What is in it for me?’

Make Connections – In life, it can be incredibly lonely especially if you stay in the office late or work all by yourself. Therefore, having a mastermind meeting will allow you to build connections with others who may be in the same boat. As well as sharing your stories, you will have an outlet for all of your dreams and aspirations. Once you spend time with like-minded people, you will have a newfound motivation and will to succeed. Over time, you will build connections with these people.

Create Ideas – Since brainstorming is one of the key reasons to such a group, you will be able to create ideas and feed off of the ingenuity of those around you. Within your career or personal life, you will think about certain ideas so much that you struggle to see the flaws. However, the group will help you to see the good points and bad points in ideas thanks to the honest conversations that occur.

Summary – Now, you should know the basics of mastermind groups and what they offer. Stay tuned for more insights in Part 2.

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