Staff & Leadership Development & Training

In today's business environment, leaders need a vision, and awareness, of people's needs while keeping focused on the direction of their organization.


Is your leadership suited to facing these challenges?

Imagine having staff that:Staff & Leadership Development

  • Build strong interpersonal relationships.
  • Communicate clearly and openly with other staff.
  • Willingly work together and eagerly serve on formal and informal teams.
  • Leverage and support the skills of others.
  • Are excited about their work and spread positive energy to members and other staff.
  • Get satisfaction from giving the best customer service – even when dealing with irate members.
  • Have clear career goals and take advantage of every opportunity to excel in what they do.
  • Know their strengths and weaknesses and actively find ways to capitalize on what they do best.
  • Can lead or follow depending on the situation and their assigned role.
  • Know how to maintain work/life balance and is committed to being physically and mentally healthy.

You can't afford to have an under performing staff. Organizations that invest in staff development are much more likely to be successful!

Improved training prevents poor performance.

If your organization is like most, you are operating in a storm of constant demands, reacting to crises but not really taking time out to think about (or plan) how to make your company better in a big way.

There REALLY ARE a lot of things you can do to move your organization to world-class status.  One of the most important steps is to focus on the people who make up the organization.  You need to have top-notch people working hard to make it a success.   But, you also need to make sure that those people have the TOOLS, UNDERSTANDING, and CAPABILITIES that are needed to excel.

Marshall Brown provides a series of stepping stones in the form of hands-on personal training and interaction that can rapidly move you, and your organization, closer to world-class status. Not only does he address the necessary information needs of your staff, he also improves your employees’ ability to understand how the parts of the puzzle fit together and how they can better work with the big picture.

Develop the workforce of tomorrow!

I invite you to take a few moments now to consider which of the following stepping stones  you and your organization can use to get on the road to world-class status.

What your staff learns during one of Marshall's workshops will benefit both your team and your organization well into the future. Contact us today!.

"Without a doubt, having Marshall Brown work with our staff was a turning point in our being able to better communicate and work as a team. I would highly recommend Marshall as a consultant in any number of situations involving team building, communication strategy, and professional coaching.

Marshall's expertise, along with an outstanding presentation style, allows participants to feel comfortable, gain knowledge, and improve in their jobs."

~ Richard Yep, CAE
Executive Director and CEO
American Counseling Association 

"I could not be more pleased with the staff development program Marshall facilitated for the NAEA staff. The staff really enjoyed the program and learned quite a bit about themselves and their co-workers. We are already applying the knowledge gained to enhance our relationships with each other - professionally and personally. The program - from assessment through action planning - was made all the better by Marshall's dynamism, humor and empathy. Marshall made learning FUN!"

Susan Zuber

""In a word, Marshall is fantastic! He just finished a team building 2 day training for my staff - was very, very productive. Absolutely helped us achieve our goals. He works on an ongoing basis with one of my senior team - very effectively."

~ Julie Coons
President and Chief Executive Officer,
Electronic Retailing Association

Other services we offer to complement a high performing staff.

  • Meetings, Retreats, and Focus Group Facilitation – Get the outcomes you want from critical gatherings of leadership, staff, and/or other stakeholders.
  • Customized Individual or Group Programs – Address unique issues and solve specific organizational problems with precision and efficiency.
  • Online Career Center Development – Build a new or improve your current center with a unique new approach that gives members more value and your association more revenue.


Find out where your staff's weaknesses are and how to best correct them with customized cost-effective programs from Marshall Brown. Call Marshall at 202.518.5811 or 800.819.3520 or email us and explore the possibilities for greater success for you and your organization.

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