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  • Are you looking to differentiate yourself from your competition?
  • Are you looking to expand your personal success while building greater success for your organization or company?
  • Do you want to increase your visibility?
  • Do you want to increase your income/revenue?

Personal BrandingWhether a business owner or an individual on a career track, knowing your personal brand is critical to your success. If you are committed to expediting your success by discovering your uniqueness, you need a strong personal brand strategist. As a Personal Branding Strategist, Marshall can help you put yourself ahead of the crowd.

“The days of the mammoth corporations are coming to an end. People are going to have to create their own lives, their own careers, and their own successes. Some people may go kicking and screaming into this new world, but there is only one message there. You’re now in business for yourself.”
—Robert Schaen, former controller, Ameritech

Branding is not just for products anymore. Personal branding has become a MUST, not a maybe, if you want to progress in your career, build your business, add value to your company and stand out from your competition. Personal branding shows your uniqueness, your value, your goals... the difference that is YOU.

What Makes YOU Different?

No one is the exactly the same, no job is exactly the same, no service is exactly the same... so what makes YOU different. Is it your passion, your drive, your commitment, your integrity, your resume, your logo.... Think about it, the difference is YOU and the brand is YOU!

Click here to read Marshall's article MARKETING BRAND YOU…Creating Your Own Identity

So How is Your Branding?

  • Do you have a mission / vision statement?
  • Do you have a strong online identity?
  • Do you know your target audience?
  • Do you have goals?
  • Do you add unique value?
  • Do you, your product or your service stand out?
  • Are you working your passion?
  • Are you / your business considered an 'authority'?
  • Do you promote YOU?

Marshall Brown & Associates'
Branding Statement

I boldly challenge professionals to seize their passion and take forceful action in order to embrace their personal brand and reach the exceptional. Additionally, I set the bar high for myself and others and am the catalyst for new and breakthrough thinking.

'Branding - there's more to it than meets the eye' ebook

My new E-book, "Branding - there's more to it than meets the eye" is only $9.97, but the first 50 24 people who purchase it will receive the E-book for FREE!

Some topics I cover are:

  • Branding Benefits
  • Branding Strategies
  • Promoting Your Brand
  • Marketing Tips
  • Your Brand Your Identity
  • Personal Branding Basics
  • Personal Brand Identity
  • Initial Steps of Branding Yourself
  • Personal Branding for Success
  • ...and so much more!

PLUS - for reading this book, and following my advice, I am gifting you a block of my time.  Enough time to answer any three e-questions that you have regarding the material in this book. There is a special email address at the end of the book.

You will also receive:

"It's All About You!" ezine.

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Having Trouble Branding YOU?

Getting started, having a strategy, can be difficult. If you are committed to expediting your success by discovering your uniqueness, you need a strong personal brand strategist. As a Reach-Certified Personal Branding Strategist Marshall can help you put yourself ahead of the crowd.

Brand YOU - Level 1

  • Use of 360 Reach Personal Brand Assessment on line tool to gather feedback and brand perceptions from your selected group, including Friends/Relatives, Peers/Colleagues, Managers, Mentors, Clients.  It gives the critical feedback you need to expand your career or business success. It's an integral part of the personal branding process and an indispensable tool for thriving in today's professional environment.

  • Preparation session to ensure that you get the best possible results from the 360 Reach assessment tool
  • 1½ hour consulting/coaching session with Marshall Brown to take you through the results and analysis of the 360 Reach assessment
  • Action plan to work on your brand going forward
  • 30 page analysis report giving you all the consolidated on-line data in a visual format with key recommendations

Your investment is only $399 -Click here to purchase Level 1

Brand YOU - Level 2

All of the above PLUS:

  • 1 hour follow up session 30 days later to discuss results of action plan and development of steps for next 30 days
  • Review and feedback on the materials you create
  • Suggested resources for additional support to help you build and maintain a successful brand
  • 1 email per week to ask questions between coaching sessions

Your investment is only $699 - Click here to purchase Level 2

Brand YOU - Level 3 - (3 month minimum)

All of the above PLUS:

  • A copy of the book CAREER DISTINCTION-Stand Out By Building Your Brand by William Arruda, Kirsten Dixson
  • A copy of the book High-Level Resumes by Marshall A. Brown and Annabelle Reitman
  • Personal brand workbook and guide
  • Additional 6 hours of individual coaching (a total of 8½ hours of coaching over 3 months)
  • Access to 16 on-line modules for additional support to view at your own pace
  • Membership in the Reach Branding Club, an on-line community and resource to assist you in working on your branding for 12 months!
  • Access to Reach teleseminars covering various topics related to personal branding
  • 2 emails per week to ask questions between coaching sessions

Your investment is $899 for your first payment, plus two $899 payments, 30 days and then 60 days after the first payment - Click here to purchase Level 3

If you are interested in a longer personalized program email Marshall at or call 202.518.5811 or 800.819.3520.

Note: All sessions are conducted in person, or via telephone, or both depending on location, circumstances and level of investment.


It is our desire to support the development and advancement of our colleagues in this challenging economy. I have decided to offer a limited number of scholarships for our program especially for professionals just like YOU who are ready to get out of overwhelm, create a plan for achieving your goals and are willing to do whatever it takes to make this year your best year yet.

If you wish to apply for a scholarship please express in 1,000 words or less how this program will help you attain your goals if you receive this scholarship. Please ensure all your contact information is provided in your application. Personal Branding Strategist

Send your application to

Why Hire a Reach-Certified Personal Branding Strategist?

The topic of Personal branding is hot and as such there are lots of coaches in the marketplace touting the power of personal branding. The Reach-Certified Personal Branding Strategists, which Marshall Brown is, are a breed apart. They work their magic with clients from San Francisco to Sydney, Manitoba to Mauritius. 

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What's your online identity?

In today's world if you don't show up in Google, you don't exist. Whether you are applying for a new job, being considered for a board position or trying to get a date, you can count on being Googled. So knowing what Google says about you and proactively managing your personal brand online is critical to your success.

Founder of REACH, William Arruda, has created BrandByteT: Using Color To Express Your Brand - a MUST-SEE Video. Click here to view it.

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If you want to understand the connection between personal branding and work, watch this video from Dan Pink.



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