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If you don't know where to start our high quality Resume Services will open the door and give you the interview.

Resume Services Your resume is your representative. Think of it as an advertisement for yourself. It is the first impression of who you are, your skills, your work experience and your accomplishments. A resume is the first communication between you and your potential employer. If your resume is to open doors for you—within 10 seconds of landing on HR’s desk or computer screen—your resume MUST sell the value of what you offer. We will provide you with the quality resume you need to get that job.

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Four resume packages are offered: CEO, Senior-Level Management/Professional, Mid-Level Management/Professional and Custom Resume.

The first three packages include essential documents required for a professional presentation:

  • Resume (custom designed, high impact, elements of branding, visual appeal, top-level writing)
  • Cover Letter (absolutely necessary to introduce resume, expand upon strengths, encourage action) Note: a well written cover letter can be just as important as the resume, and in some cases can be the tipping point in winning that interview.
  • Text (ASCII) Version of Resume (still necessary for most Web sites and job boards when you have to cut and paste your resume online for application)

"Marshall, I want to thank you for all your help and assistance through this process. The questions you asked, the insight on my resume and your support all made the process much easier than trying to do it alone. Especially after sixteen years of being with the same firm....

~ Byron Radcliffe
Senior Vice President


"Phenomenal. Very strong."
"Wow. I love it. Very impressive"
....and the list goes on.
Every person I've sent my resume to has immediately responded the way the folks above have. It's been incredible.
Thanks for the way you have captured me - who I am and what I've accomplished. The feedback has been so affirming. I'm looking forward to getting the revised cover letter..."
~ Susan Zuber

~Todd Wurschmidt, PhD, CAE, CFRE
PARADOX Associations LLC

HR Resumes Sample

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Legal Sample

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Finance Sample

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1. Chronological Resume

2. Functional Resume

3. Opening Statements for Resumes

Also, Marshall Brown critiques a resume for a project manager. This can apply to any industry.Click here to view.


Professional Resume Offerings

Does your résumé produce results? Marshall Brown & Associates, in an exclusive partnership with Riklan Resources is proud to offer value to our clients via a complete range of resume services. The initial step to a successful job search is a resume that lands on the top of the pile and helps the candidate get the interview.

Why use a Certified Professional Résumé Writer? Like any profession, the best are people who invest in themselves and are constantly learning. Michelle A. Riklan is a member of several professional resume writing / career development organizations.  She is a two-time international award winning resume writer, an engaging speaker / facilitator, and has been published in several industry books. Our mission is to help you get ahead of the competition.

As a 24 year Association Professional, with nearly 18 years as an Executive Director, I know the way to be successful is to surround yourself with smart, top quality professional people.  So when I decided to update my resume and LinkedIn profile, I did just that and honesty I found the best – Michelle Riklan. Michele is very thorough in learning about you and then turns that into the most unique style resume. I would never have thought of putting a chart in my resume! We all know we want our resumes to make us “stand out” over everyone else and that is just what Michelle did with mine. I would highly recommend Michelle for all of your career services.

~ Anonymous


Mid-Level Professional Package


Return to Work, Transitional, Mid-Level Management. Position yourself for the next step in your career, a new position or an advanced position. Highlight your progressive career experience with a stellar marketing tool guaranteed to land on top of the pile. Package includes Résumé and Cover Letter.

Senior Level Résumés


Career transitions, Senior-Level Management / Director / VP/ SVP. What do you offer? Why are you the top candidate? What more can you do for your employer or for a prospective employer? How do you brand and define yourself? Let businesses know the Return on Investment in bringing you onto their team.

C-Level Packages


CEO/CMO/CFO/COO/CAO/CIO/CSO. You may be more than qualified, but have you strategically packaged, marketed, and positioned yourself to procure that next position? Even in a challenging market a compelling résumé that lands on the top of pile is the ticket to a face-to-face interview.


Cover Letters/Value Proposition Letters


Introduce yourself and include this very important marketing piece that complements your résumé. Showcase your skills, highlight your strengths, and Use this powerful tool to target potential employers, recruiters, and VC firms.

Thank You Letters


Tailored specifically for you to help you express your interest in a given position, acknowledge the interviewer and increase your likelihood of sealing the deal.

ASCII Résumé


Résumé Addendums

$100.00 per page

Useful for projects, volunteer work or consulting assignments that you may want to keep in your job search portfolio and present if asked at an interview.

Reference Pages


Ensure your sheet is uniform with the rest of your job marketing materials. Let us assist you to create a positive list of endorsements.

LinkedIn Profile Development


Employers and recruiters will review your social networking sites. In fact, your profile may be viewed more than the résumé itself! Your profile should be consistent and send the same, clear message that you are sending in your résumé and other job search materials. Having a positive online presence is crucial to today’s job search.

Executive/Professional Bio’s


Biographies can be used for several purposes including business plans, VC firm submissions, consulting, public speaking, networking, and to augment your career portfolio and general executive marketing documents. Create a powerful narrative of your career highlights and accomplishments.

 Remember, your resume is your #1 marketing tool!

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"Learn How To Advance Your Career By Developing And Implementing A Power-Packed Job Search Strategy No Matter What The Economic Climate."

In only 60 minutes, in this powerful training recorded conference presented by nationally-recognized author and career coach Marshall Brown, you will learn how to become the master of your own fate with powerful and wide-ranging job search techniques.

We also offer resume evaluation, critique and assistance with developing a job search strategy in our Get Clarity Career Coaching Programs™. Click here to read more in depth details about these programs.

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