I’m Marshall Brown and for 15 years, I’ve been helping leaders “Get Clear, Get Focused and Get Ahead.”   

As a certified coach, I have helped leaders to deal with many challenges at the office while maintaining a healthy life/work balance. I have helped struggling CEOs, overwhelmed managers and even stressed employees to discover their unique talents, and use these to fuel their efforts in making a lasting impact in everything they do. 

You can do it, too. With my help, you can pave your way to success and exponential growth in your career and personal life.

One year from now, you could be the best leader in your organization, or you could be struggling to manage your team, burned out by tough decisions and sleepless nights, and possibly, at the verge of quitting your job- it’s all up to you.

Through Executive Leadership Coaching, I can help you identify core challenges, take action, and finally see tangible results from your hard work and investment.

You can count on me to be your partner in your success!
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Leveraging Performance Improvement Strategies
to Foster Individual and Organizational Growth

There is always room for improvement.
No one ever truly performs at 100% of effectiveness all of the time. Performance improvement is an ongoing process that continues to evolve as we overcome challenges and make adjustments to processes and behaviors.
Performance Improvement (PI) is an approach that first examines the current performance of an individual, and/or team or the entire organization. We use performance improvement strategies to identify the gaps between the current output and the desired output and then formulate a plan to address how to fill the gap between what's happening now and that desired output.
Marshall Brown & Associates uses performance improvement strategies to maximize the performance of individuals, teams and organizations through:
  • Individual and team coaching
  • Team building
  • Board and staff development
  • Customer service training
  • Customized programs to address unique issues and solve organization challenges
For additional information about how we can use performance improvement strategies to support you in transforming your career, team or organization, contact us today.



Staff & Leadership DevelopmentCareer coaching gives you greater focus and an increased awareness of the choices you make.

Executive coaching provides the tools and feedback that you need to perform at your peak.

If you are committed to expediting your success by discovering your uniqueness, you need a strong personal branding strategist.

Are you in a job search, in need of a fresh resume but don't know where to start? Our high quality resume services will open the door and get you a interview.


Staff & Leadership DevelopmentMarshall Brown provides a series of stepping stones in the form of hands-on personal training and interaction for
staff & leadership development that can rapidly move you and your organization closer to world-class status.

Hire Marshall for your next Presentation or Workshop and explore the exciting possibilities for greater success for you, your staff, your members and your organization.

Customized Career Center Enhancement services to help you optimize the benefits you receive from your online and onsite career centers.



Staff & Leadership DevelopmentAre you driven by the need to make your dreams a reality but need to be playing a bigger game in your business to increase your profits? You can benefit from entrepreneur coaching.

As your Professional Entrepreneur Coach, Marshall will provide you with independent and practical support to help you find solutions that work for you and allow you to thrive and flourish faster than you could on you own.

“Marshall, I want to thank you for all your help and assistance through this process. The questions you asked, the insight on my resume and your support all made the process much easier than trying to do it alone. Especially after sixteen years of being with the same firm....”

Byron Radcliffe
Senior Vice President

Kris Cook"Marshall Brown is an accomplished facilitator. I've enjoyed his workshops and training sessions so much that I've brought him in to do targeted "in-house" training for my association's entire staff. His style and approach makes everyone feel comfortable and open to learning, so you are able to maximize the value of the training session to everyone on staff. I highly recommend Marshall as a talented and experienced professional!"

Kris Cook, CAE
Executive Director
National Affordable Housing Management Association

"Marshall is a great coach. Super to work with, very personable, and a true friend. At the same time he is not afraid to challenge your thinking and he doesn't hesitate to kick you in the ass and hold you accountable when it's needed, to keep you moving forward. What a blessing it is to count Marshall as part of my circle."

Vinay Kumar

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Helping Others To Partner In Their Success

My goal and passion is to offer the value I provide to as many people and organizations as I can. As is with Entrepreneurs, my business is referral-based, which means I rely on people like you to tell others about me and my services. If I have been of service to you, or you have enjoyed my articles, ezine, products, and you feel someone you know would benefit from these as well, please let me know.

Professional Certified Coach Personal Branding Strategist

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